With his background as an Orthopedic neurologic surgeon, Dr. Michael Gerling’s practice marries modern technique with tradition to optimize care of spinal disorders. Comprehensive spine care provided by the group includes thorough diagnostic testing and examination before treatment commences.  The full spectrum of care from conservative methods to surgery are carried out using a foundation of scientific merit, though alternative modalities are considered when necessary. Any combination of spinal disorders, from the cervical region in the neck to the lumbar region in the lower back are managed, including care of spine trauma, disk degeneration, spinal deformity, spine tumors and disk disorders with or without neurologic symptoms such as numbness, weakness or sciatica.  We start with a careful history and physical examination followed by inspection of your prior diagnostic reports and imaging studies.

Who we are

Dr. Gerling co-ordinates a large team of physician providers including rehabilitation doctors and physical therapists specialized in spinal disorders, and pain management doctors that perform spinal injections. Simple advice can be extremely helpful in many cases and most of our patients respond well to conservative treatment. When necessary we are also equipped to perform a full spectrum of surgical and pain management procedures on the spine, including spinal injections. We recommend an evaluation before undergoing injections, nerve ablations or a spinal cord stimulator trial by outside providers.

Our philosophy

The ultimate goal is restoration of function, quality of life and pain relief. When spine surgery is needed there are a variety of options using the newest technology to minimize your surgical risks and recovery time. Spine surgery is performed using the most current and reliable technology with minimally invasive techniques in most circumstances. We work together as a team with you to formulate an optimal treatment plan specific to your needs.

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It is vital that you bring all neurologic tests, EMG’s, imaging records and hard copy films or CD’s of your spine. Family members are welcome, especially if you would like help with decision making or remembering our treatment plan. Regardless of severity, we look forward to helping you move on and overcome your spinal condition.

Patient Testimonials


The medical staff at Spine Care NYC take the time to focus on each patient’s goals and individual needs.
It is our highest priority to ensure that each patient receives the best possible medical care.

Michael Gerling, MD

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Dr. Gerling specializes in surgical treatment of spinal disorders, and is the Chief of Spine at NYU Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn and Assistant Professor at NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases in Manhattan.

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Joseph Pyun, MD

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Dr. Pyun is an orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in spine surgery. He is a member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the North American Spine Society, AO Spine, and the Korean American Spine Society.

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Jessica Amoona, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Jessica Amoona is a board certified Physician Assistant and a member of the SpineCare team. She graduated from the Pace University-Lenox Hill Hospital Physician Assistant Program in New York City.

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There are a large variety of conditions that occur in the spine, many of which will seem foreign to those with a new diagnosis. During your office visit we will explain your ailment and give you resources to reinforce the principles discussed. Without a solid diagnosis it is unlikely you will get appropriate treatment. The more you know about the problem, the more you can engage or partner with your surgeon to refine the diagnosis, enhance the treatment and optimize the healing process. For this reason, we have included links below with educational tools to empower our patients. We also recommend use of other websites from reputable academic societies such as the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery (AAOS) or the American Association of Neurosurgery (AANS).

Learn about the various treatment options for the neck and back


Klara is an app that allows us to communicate with full confidentiality under HIPAA. Please complete the below form to contact us – you will receive a text message and an email and will be able to message our office immediately.

Please feel free to contact our office to make an appointment or give us feedback about your care. Suggestions of how we can improve your experience are welcome and encouraged.  It is our goal to expedite and simplify the process wherever possible, while still delivering safe, effective and efficient care.

Aside from email and phone calls, the Patient Portal can also serve as a valuable tool to see test results, update your history, give feedback and request appointments.


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