At Spine Consult NJ, we see people who’ve sustained injuries to their spines, neck, and backs, regularly.  Clearly, there are myriad injuries which can impact the spine, from sports injuries to car accidents, to falls.

Whether you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident, or you’re suffering from the affects of “text neck”, the specialists at our intentionally-focused spine care clinic can help.  Not all injuries affecting the spine require surgery.  Some can be treated with conservative, non-invasive therapies.

Our team.

At Spine Consult NJ, we’re committed to the diagnosis, treatment and full recovery of all our patients.  We offer comprehensive care for all conditions affecting the spine and its structures, with therapies ranging from conservative options to complex spinal surgery.

Led by orthopedic neurologic surgeon, Dr. Michael Gerling, we unite modern techniques and technologies with traditional orthopedic practice.

Dr. Gerling co-ordinates a specialized team of physicians and therapists, capable of delivering a diversity of therapeutic responses, from surgery to physical therapy and rehabilitative care.  We also respond with minimally-invasive solutions to address and manage pain.

While we’re dedicated to evidenced-based treatments, alternative care models may also find a place in our methodology, when and if they’re the right fit for the treatment of your spine, back or neck injury.

Our philosophy.

The team at Spine Consult NJ is here to restore patients to a life free of pain.  Our range of therapies and treatments and the diversity of our approach is intended to provide every patient with individualized, effective treatment.

When surgery is required, you’ll have access to leading-edge interventions with the up-to-the-minute care we offer here.  Minimally invasive surgeries, when required, offer patients drastically reduced recovery times and limited exposure to the complications most commonly associated with surgery.

Treating all injuries of the spine, back and neck.

Because we’re a specialized clinic, we treat all injuries involving the pillar of your body – the spine.  We’re committed to returning our patients to wellbeing and renewed quality of life by tailoring all we do to their needs.

Whether you’ve been involved in a serious car accident, have had a slip on the ice, or a collision on the sports field, Spine Consult NJ’s specialized team is here with the comprehensive care you need to get back to living the life you love.

Even if you’ve got a case of “text neck”, we can work out that kink.

If you’ve suffered an injury to the spine, back or neck, we encourage you to contact us and schedule an appointment.

At Spine Consult NJ, we have your quality of life and full recovery in mind.  Let us help you get back to the important business of living life to the fullest.